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"we don't do furnace repairs, but the name is catchy....
....    "

Pure Blood & Proud
No Covid-19 Vax For Me
FUCK Joe Biden, FBI, ATF

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Yard sign:
only $40

White corrugated plastic signs with black image/text. With a wire frame to hold the sign (top goes into the corrugated part of the sign, the bottom goes into the ground).
24 inches wide  x  18 inches tall

 Yard sign

only $100

5feet wide x 3 feet tall
Flag Only
White material w/black text/image
Single side print / Reverse image on back
Hemmed sides.
Option for mounting:
A) reinforcement with grommets
B) 1.5in pocket on left (closed at the top)
C) 3in pocket on left (closed at the top)


Make your own T-shirts, yard sign, flag, etc....

1.  You get 8 files in total emailed to you.  
(no refunds)

White text on Black background (2 .jpg & 2 .png images).
Black text on White background (2 .jpg & 2 .png images).

2.  JPG is just for the display purpose because JPEGs have the tendency to pixilate because they are raster images.

3.  Use .png for printing ...

4.  PNG are portable graphics and can be used easily for printing.

5.  There are 2 versions of each set of colors.
    One with slightly larger (or smaller) version of the "hand" and text depending on how prominent you want it.

6.  I already have made them in a very high pixels 2K+ x 1.5K+ at 300dpi. So you can easily use .png for printing.

7.  No refunds because copies can be made once it is sent


Click for larger image

T-shirts template ($10)


All of these statements are legal, protected by the 1st amendment.   All are true too.  




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