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"we don't do furnace repairs, but the name is catchy....
....Search Engine Optimization (SEO)"

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How it works:

We add new software (CGI-scripts) to your website. 

This is custom software just for your website.

What you get:


With it you can get more search engine listings, more quickly, and with better ranking for targeted keywords.

It redirects actual humans to your website, while it directs search engine and search engine spiders with 1000s of generated "cloaked" pages from our new website we create for you.

You will get homework....


We create custom software that contains keywords and descriptions about your website, business, services.  

Our software can determine whether it is a search engine or a person visiting this new website.   

Now you have two websites:
1)  Your own actual website.
2)  The new website we create for you.
Our site has hundreds of pages, links, descriptions, text.

Each website points to the other.
Your website's links to the new website.  
The new website links to your website.


1)  Your website
You or I will need to change your home page to point to the home page of the new website we create for you.

2)  New website.
The new website we create for you contains links to your website's home page.


We create "if" clause on the new website:

"If" the internet traffic is a search engine:
It indexes the new website we just created.

"If" the internet traffic is a person using a browser:
It indexes your website.

When a "search engine" visits the new website:
The new website has hundreds of web pages, links and keywords it notices that links to your home page hundreds of times.

When a "person" visits this new website:
All our links points to your home page. 

There is no guarantee you will get results like you want, but I am confident that some of the search terms you ask for will work and make your website show up on page 1.

After your purchase, you will get some homework including but not limited to: creating short descriptions that you want to show up in the search engine, one word set of keywords, two word set of keywords, three or four word set of key words.


I can turn on a switch so you can see how it work.  Once I turn it on, you will click your home page and it will go to the NEW site that I created.  Then all the links on the NEW site will point back to your home page.

It is used for testing and verification that it is working.

This application is one of the most powerful tools on the internet today.    

Example: Google search for      
family friendly live video

When we ran this search will received Google hits of the first 10 out of 2,670,000,000 sites.  My site is 1st, 3rd and 4th.  Bruce Willis's site is 2nd.  (click thumbnail above)

IMPORTANT:  no one can guarantee search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, AOL, PCH or other search engines just because those search engines are private companies and since I and the others that do search engine rankings don't work for the search engine company we can never guarantee anything specifically.

Simply, Our SEO magic is not actual magic but it helps your site get more search engine listings.

It does this by sophisticated analysis of incoming users: it redirects actual humans to whatever site you want, while presenting actual search engine spiders with 1000s of generated "cloaked" pages.

You will get homework....

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